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Quick Setup

The library is being worked on. We'll update the guides once it's ready.

Getting started adding Simbol to your site is very easy. First, install it:

npm install --save simbol

Then import it into your project:

import {Simbol} from 'simbol';

Create a Simbol instance with the scene information:

const simbol = new Simbol();

Instantiate the Simbol instance:


Here is a full list of all configuration options

Avatar Spec

When creating your avatar, there are a few guidelines to follow to make sure it works seamlessly with all Simbol sites

  • The head object MUST be called Head
  • The head object MUST have a bone called HeadBone
  • The bone for each hand MUST be called HandRight and HandLeft respectively
  • There MUST be a bone right between both eyes called EyeBone
  • Simbol can handle several hand gestures. To support them, each hand must have an animation corresponding to each pose. The names of the animations are the following (e.g. "HandLeftOpen" or "HandRightThumb"):
    • Hand${'Left' or 'Right'}Open
    • Hand${'Left' or 'Right'}Fist
    • Hand${'Left' or 'Right'}Okay
    • Hand${'Left' or 'Right'}Point
    • Hand${'Left' or 'Right'}Thumb
    • Hand${'Left' or 'Right'}ThumbPoint

The animations mentioned above correspond to the following 6 gestures that Simbol currently supports:

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