Your Virtual Persona

Get up and running with a Virtual Persona, a uPort based self-sovereign identity for Simbol. Sign in, and fill in the form below to get your avatar.

Configure your Virtual Persona

After signing in to uPort, follow the instruction and fill in the form below.

  1. Choose a displayname (it won't be shown to others unless you decide to explicitly)
  2. Set your height so your avatar can be positioned accordingly
  3. Save the URL to where your avatar is hosted. It needs to be a GLTF file.
  4. If you don't have an avatar, you can use our default one by using the URL:
  6. Submit!

Connect VR/AR headset

  1. Sign in and configure your identity above
  2. Type a 4 digit code
  3. Submit
  4. Continue on the headset